Bags & Purses

Happy Friday

Can you believe that it’s Friday already!?


And what a beautiful looking weekend ahead. Although we had a damp start it has been so nice to see such stunning blue skies for the last couple of days. I have to admit, it’s very difficult to be motivated at the sewing machine when the birds call for us to come and watch them play amongst the bottle brushes.

This week has been a week of trial and error and I seem to have a pile of scraps way bigger then my pile of successes.

But, persistence has paid off and I have a pattern that I’m really happy with.

Snappy purses!


Here’s two I decided I liked and could stay.

As you can see, they are rather small, only 5cm square(ish) but definitely handy for things like lip glosses, ear phones or loose change. The list really is endless. There’s no zips or buttons, you just squeeze the ends and they pop open.

Family and Friends

Welcome to Cadby Cottage


Welcome to Cadby Cottage. The home of all things creative.



Creating beautiful things for my friends and family has always been a great love. Be it a small handmade card, or a queen sized quilt, it’s the joy of giving that I love the most.

Follow along on my blog to meet the people who make the magic happen and see what’s involved as we bring our creations to life.