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Custom orders

One of the most commonly asked questions I am asked is  if I can make ‘it’ in a different colour, or if I can make something else in particular that isn’t readily available for sale. And the answer is, yes, of course I can, and I’d love to!


Making items in different colours or prints is fairly easy, as long as I can source the fabric you require. Just be aware that I don’t use cheap fabrics. Cheap fabrics usually mean cheap results, and end in a poor quality finished product. They can also be more difficult to sew, so therefore, can be more time consuming.

Yes, I can and do make quilts. These take time, though, so please plan ahead; way ahead!

And the age old question of cost? That all depends. It depends on size, number of different fabrics, pattern and time involved in making your unique piece…….. Of course, you can pop into k-mart and you can buy something similar off the shelf for about 1/10th of the price from the 30 others exactly the same that have been massed produced, and probably in china.